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Your Current Superstars are Your Key to Finding More!

What is it that makes your best sales people, your best sales people? And why are they so much better than their peers? They all came with a great resume and made it past the interview…

The answer most likely lies under the surface, in their underlying traits, attitudes and standards.

We can help you unlock those differences, so you can hire people who look more like your best, and have the tools to more reliably coach the rest…

Ensure they perform better and stay longer

Make it easier to manage them and align with their needs

Adjust roles so people are playing to their natural strengths

Assessing Current Sales Employees Can Help...

Behavioral Assessment & Sales Personality Testing Tools

Target the Right Sales Type (Challenger, Hunter, etc.)

Build the Best, Top Performing Sales Team

Assess Existing Sales Employees

Get 100% Confidence in Hiring Decisions


How to Post, Test &  Assess for Your Next Superstar

1. Define Your Ideal Salesperson & Post a Job

2. TalentSorter® Assesses Each Candidate for “Job Fit” as a Sales Person, then Assigns a FitScore®

3. Interview Candidates with the Best FitScore®

Our Job Posting Wizard will identify traits most critical to success for a sales position & create a custom assessment test that pre-screens candidates for your sales role. In minutes, you’re ready to post the position on popular job boards with the push of a button!

With each application, TalentSorter® uses patented science to calculate a FitScore® out of 100 for every candidate: fit with a sales job, fit with manager, fit with people, fit with company. The higher the score the better the “job fit”.

You’ll receive a custom guide and analysis for every candidate, including an Interview Guide that’ll tell you exactly what to ask each candidate to help you see the real person behind the resume.

How to Assess "Best Fit"

Based on the Assessment component of the application process, TalentSorter® will assign a "FitScore®" for each candidate - the higher the score the better the fit.

Because of the way the TalentSorter® has been designed, it is able to compare the personality traits and other attributes of an individual to those of people who have been high performers in a given role, and generate a FitScore® that is a very accurate predictor of success.

Assessment FitScore measures job fit for salesperson.

The perfect tool to help you find out which type of sales person is the RIGHT fit for your company.

Posting a salesperson job can fill your inbox with a lot of resumes, but a sales job isn't ‘one size fits all’.  You need a specific type of salesperson, and our sales assessment test can help you find the ones that are an ideal fit for the role and your company – quickly!

Find & test the candidates that are best suited for your sales roles – before you read a single resume!

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"The FitScore® is a Godsend, an incredible time save when you have 200 resumes to go through"

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