The best applicants identified by our online hiring tools – before you read their resumes.

TalentSorter® is the complete online solution for recruiting, assessing and hiring your next superstar.
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TalentSorter® streamlines your hiring process

Imagine opening a recruitment dashboard and one of our hiring tools has already sorted all of yesterday’s applicants by FitScore® – using advanced human analytics and behavioral science that assesses core personality traits, attitude and standards as people apply for the position – you immediately know how well each person really suits the job.

Now you can spend your valuable time with candidates who are right for the role!

“As we started hiring better people, we saw some very positive changes overall… Absenteeism went from being a daily occurrence for the cashiers to maybe a monthly occurrence.”
E. Kelly, Former HR Branch Manager, Canadian Tire
“We became a lot more confident and reassured that our resources were going into training someone who was the right fit for the job, and we knew that they were likely to stay with the company...”
A. Yeaman, HR Manager, Intek Communications

Easy. Speedy. Smooth.

reduce time with resumes and interviews

Easy to post.

improve training outcomes

Speedy to qualify.

increase on the job performance

Smooth to onboard.

What others are saying

“....the assessment results have been a key factor in my successful hiring decisions.”
T. Summar, Project Director for Dynamic Workforce Solutions, LLC
“With each new job posting, that big pile of resumés is quickly narrowed down before I even see it. The software seamlessly screens candidates for the right traits needed in this call centre environment”
M. Akroyd, Customer Service Manager, City Wide Communications

Easy to use, Shockingly accurate results!