20 Hiring Stats Every Recruiter (and Business) Should Know

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Recruitment & Hiring Stats

If engaged and talented people are the backbone of a strong company, then recruiting is one of the most important practices to keep a business healthy and thriving.

However, recruiting is like any other aspect of business–it is continually changing and adapting to the 21st century. Here are 20 important facts for modern recruiters (and businesses) to know so they can be successful:

1: Jobcast points out that only 36% of those looking for jobs actively use LinkedIn.

2:  This is compared to the 93% of companies who recruit via LinkedIn.

3: However, the Capterra Talent Management Blog points out that 94% of recruits either recruit or plan to recruit via social media

4: Capterra notes employers who recruited via social media experienced a 49% improvement in overall quality of candidates

5: Jibe points out 70% of job seekers place heavy weight on the perceived value of the employer’s brand

6: They also note that investing in the employer brand can reduce turnover by a whole 28%

7: Capterra notes that a full 30% of all monthly Google searches are related to employment.

8: Jibe notes that employers are more likely to be seen by prospective employees if they maintain an active career website AND social media presence

9: According to Jobcast, 40% of job seekers are active on Twitter

10: They also note that 83% of job seekers use Facebook

11: Jibe notes that nearly 50% of recruiters believe the recruiting business will become more like the marketing business over the next 10 years.

12: Jobcast notes that while 64% of LinkedIn users have a bachelor’s degree or higher, only 14% of its users regularly check their account.

13: Capterra notes that over half of the workforce is either actively hunting for a new job or would be open to taking a new job.

14: Capterra also notes that 43% of job seekers have looked for a job via smartphone even though only 27% of them expected that they could apply for the job with their phone.

15: Jobcast points out that LinkedIn has a 67% male user base while Pinterest has an 80% female user base.

16: They note that Facebook has a 58% female userbase whereas Twitter’s userbase is evenly divided between men and women.

17: Jibe notes that only 30% of businesses have optimized their job listings for mobile devices.

18: The sites notes that in 2015, mobile devices accounted for 38% of all web pages viewed all over the world, making mobile visibility critical

19: Jobcast notes that photos and videos get shared more often on social media than text, making this a better way to engage with job seekers.

20: Capterra notes that only 26% of all employers use any sort of applicant tracking system as part of their hiring process.

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