Hiring a Sales Manager? Here’s Your Ideal Candidate According to Behavioral Science

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We take a position, run it through TalentSorter’s scientific ‘job fit’ algorithm, and provide you with the behavioral characteristics of an “ideal candidate” for the role of Sales Manager. The unique software design behind TalentSorter™ gives it the capability to compare the personality traits and other attributes of your job applicants to those who are high performers in this role. TalentSorter … Read More

You Need a Sales Person. But Exactly What Kind of Sales Person Do You Need?

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Colloquialisms have been around since the dawn of time: I need a ‘Hunter’ (one who thrills at the chase, isn’t afraid to push for the order, etc), or I need a ‘Farmer’ (one more motivated by nurturing relationships) are probably the two most common variants I hear. But the world’s changing at a blistering pace. Customers and prospects have access … Read More

Sales Management: Living and Dying by the Numbers

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There are two steps to boosting sales in any organization: get the right person in the right job, and then give them the coaching, incentives and support they best respond to. We often find ourselves working with our clients on the first step – matching the sales person to the requirements of the position, and ensuring their fit not only … Read More