Top 10 Employee Advocacy Examples to Boost Your Brand

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No company gets anywhere without its employees. They’re workhorses; pillars of your company community; excellent sources for a bad joke or smidge of water cooler gossip. But that’s not all. As influencer marketing exits its infancy and saturates the promotional sector, more and more companies are starting to realize that employees can advocate for your brand. How does this work, exactly? … Read More

Life-changing events are just that: life-changing. To the core.

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Note: This post originally appeared on Reintegrating back into work isn’t easy after a long-term absence or critical illness, for anyone – the returning employee, their co-workers, or the manager. Life goes on, or so they say, while the person is away. Work carries on, challenges are met, goals change, and the team sort of ‘re-forms’, either figuring out … Read More

Today’s Top HR Challenge: Attracting The Best Talent Is More than a Full Time Job

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It requires a shift of mindset. Today, attracting dedicated, skilled and enthusiastic employees is more of a challenge than ever before. Millennials, and increasing numbers of all other working-age generations, are not interested in just getting a job. They won’t even settle for just a career. And it isn’t all about money, either. The HR game has become much more … Read More

10 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress & Create a More Productive Team

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Managing employees is multi-faceted, taking a person who can train, motivate, and, if necessary, correct employee behavior to empower their team to be efficient and effective. One of the most challenging roadblocks to employee success is stress. In fact, a recent survey by Statista showed that 35% of the workforce loses at least 1 hour every day in productivity to stress. … Read More

Power and importance of first impressions

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(Note: this discussion originally appeared on Canadian HR Reporter here) Four HR experts, including TalentSorter’s Jan van der Hoop, engage in a back-and-forth discussion (below) about a live presentation given to the Strategic Capability Network by Mark Bowden. Parts of Mark’s powerful messages about authenticity and the impact of body language can be found in this excellent TEDx clip: Ian Hendry: … Read More