The DNA of a Family Business

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Note: This blog was co-authored by Paul Pittman of The Human Well and was originally published here. Part 1 In leadership circles we talk a lot about engagement; how to get it, what it looks like and what it is worth. In a nutshell we want happy employees prepared to donate discretionary effort and go the extra mile. In family-run … Read More

10 Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates About Leadership

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In choosing leaders to fill open management positions, many organizations are guilty of placing too much weight on a candidate’s pedigree: where did they go to school; what companies have they worked for, and in what roles; what projects or initiatives have they led; what skills and networks of relationships have they picked up along the way, etc. Those are … Read More

Hiring a Registered Nurse? Here’s Your Ideal Candidate According to Behavioral Science

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is the fifth blog in a series about “ideal candidates”. We take a position, run it through TalentSorter’s scientific algorithm, and provide you with the behavioral characteristics of an “ideal candidate” (note: download the full report at the bottom of the post). Because of the way TalentSorter has been designed, it is able to compare the personality traits and other attributes … Read More