15 Innovative Employee Benefits Examples

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examples of innovative employee benefits

It’s not just pay that attracts top employees to your company, so it pays to check your benefits package. Having terrific job benefits and unique employee perks shows that you value your staff and can help inspire loyalty/reduce turnover. Great employee benefits can also make your company stand out from the crowd. Your positive attitude toward your workforce, your creativity … Read More

Hiring an Assistant Store Manager? Here’s Your Ideal Candidate According to Behavioral Science

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hiring assistant store manager

This another instalment in a blog in a series about “ideal candidates”. We take a position, run it through TalentSorter’s scientific algorithm, and provide you with the behavioral characteristics of an “ideal candidate” (note: download the full report at the bottom of the post). Because of the way TalentSorter has been designed, it is able to compare the personality traits … Read More

Hiring? Here’s the #1 Predictor of Success

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Best Predictor for Hiring Success

Hiring an individual with relevant or direct experience and a degree should net you a successful employee–in a perfect world. In reality, however, there are many more factors that determine the performance level, longevity and ultimate success of an employee on your team. Human interpersonal relationships, which typically depend upon the company atmosphere, morale and culture, are huge determining factors. … Read More