Are Your Employees Looking Forward to Going to Work on Monday?

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Well, are they? Do you know? I think it is a great question to ask employees reporting to you! It allows you to check on employee engagement more often, it’s easy to do, and it transforms disengagement into an opening for a constructive conversation. This question is a useful tactic for fostering the environment of continual communication that is so … Read More

10 Interview Questions to Help Hire for Fit with the Job

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10 interview questions help hire fit with job

Every HR Professional and hiring manager have probably experienced a scenario where the candidate looks perfect on paper, and smashes the interviews. However, once hired, they fail to live up to expectations, and either languish as an unproductive employee, leave of their own accord, or are eventually let go. One of the main reasons for this falls back on the interviewing process itself. Failing to … Read More