First Things First: Fit, then Engagement, then Results

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Hiring for Fit First

The Gallup Organization inadvertently kicked off a consulting Gold Rush back in the mid-1990’s when they set out to better understand what exactly it was that ‘Great Managers’ do differently than their peers. The research and their landmark findings are well documented in First, Break All The Rules (Marcus Buckingham, Curt Coffman); if you manage people now or ever intend … Read More

Power and importance of first impressions

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(Note: this discussion originally appeared on Canadian HR Reporter here) Four HR experts, including TalentSorter’s Jan van der Hoop, engage in a back-and-forth discussion (below) about a live presentation given to the Strategic Capability Network by Mark Bowden. Parts of Mark’s powerful messages about authenticity and the impact of body language can be found in this excellent TEDx clip: Ian Hendry: … Read More

10 Examples of Innovative HR Practices and Policies that Amplify Success

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examples of creative HR policies

An eight-to-five work schedule, with two weeks off a year, and a corner desk were once considered perks to a job, creating satisfaction and loyalty. Not anymore. Today, especially with Millennials transforming the workplace, potential employees are searching for more of a work/life integration, and a greater sense of fulfillment from their jobs. The structure of work has broken down and shifted, … Read More

You Are Who You Hire (Part 2)

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Note: This blog was co-authored by Paul Pittman of The Human Well, and originally appears here. Read part one of this series here. Birds of a Feather: You attract what you tolerate Every manager wants to lead a high-performing, engaged team that shares a commitment to achieve superior outcomes but how many times in a career do they actually get … Read More

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The dawning of a new paradigm in business

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machine learning and hiring

The odds are that Amazon knows more about your Significant Other’s preferences than you do. That doesn’t make you inattentive, regardless what he or she might say; it makes you human. Algorithms and machine learning (where computers observe your behavior and form a constantly evolving picture based on your activity and the decisions you make, and then make predictions about … Read More

The Easy Route to Blowing the Doors Off Your Sales Plan

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Truth is, that’s likely the defect rate in your company’s hiring decisions. If your organization is normal, your hit rate – unqualified success for both the organization and the new hire, where the new employee becomes a solid contributor – is about 20%. One in five. Most people spend more time and effort to check the specs on a $5,000 … Read More

You Are Who You Hire (Part 1)

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Note: This blog was co-authored by Paul Pittman of The Human Well, and originally appears here. Anyone involved in management knows the cost of a bad hire; The Harvard Business Review calculates that up to 80% of turnover is due to poor hiring, The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) believes up to five times annual salary or more dependent … Read More