I Hate Hiring? If you ever muttered (or shouted) “I hate hiring!” – you are not alone.

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If the process of hiring is your worst nightmare, or if you’ve ever hired a dud before, we know how you feel. Because we’ve all done it too – either we’ve ended up in a job that sounded great but it wasn’t, or, when doing the hiring, many of us have been misled by a candidate who seemed perfect but was anything but.

TalentSorter was created on the belief that we all deserve the opportunity to have employees that thrive at work.

How does TalentSorter do that?

We put job fit in the middle of the hiring sandwich.

How a candidate will ‘fit’ the role and your company is determined by gaining insight into their behavioral traits and matching that to the needs of a specific role. Yet most companies try to find that by looking only at a resume. When you are sorting candidates into the infamous two piles – interview and reject – you are ultimately testing how well they can write a resume rather than how they will perform in the position. There may have been many people in the ‘reject’ pile that had all the right characteristics for the job – star candidates that you couldn’t see.

TalentSorter is your job posting engine that posts on popular job boards where candidates submit their resume. But here’s the magic – every candidate also does an assessment survey specifically designed to evaluate if their behavioral traits are aligned with that position. Every candidate gets a FitScore. Every person is ranked by fit.

You don’t have to start your review of the best candidates at what they have done before – you can start by understanding who they are.

TalentSorter is built on the science of human behavior. There is a lot going on under the hood – but you can post a job in just a few clicks! It is easy for hiring managers to use – the dashboard ranks the best fit applicants for you. A quick review of their resume and other pertinent information you requested with their submission and you are ready to select who to see for an interview – and what questions you need to ask! Each candidate has an individual interview guide that provides suitable questions for probing specific behavioral traits.

We even made getting references quick and easy as well with an automated wizard. The dashboard tracks the status of the references submitted and does all the chasing for you.

Our goal was to take the pain out of the hiring process. And while some candidates may not want to take the extra few minutes it takes to fill out the assessment, we believe that is an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Our clients have stated that the people they hire really appreciate that the application process was thorough – it indicated that the company cared about finding the right person. 

Other benefits also include:

Elimination of bias – by focusing on FitScore first, the starting point is behavioral traits. The assessment test and the algorithms behind the FitScore are designed to be neutral and objective. In a world of political correctness – this is one less thing that your business has to worry about.

Consistency – we have all heard the phrase ‘it’s not what you know but who you know.’ But using the FitScore as the foundation of your candidate review process, everyone has an equal opportunity to be a finalist. It also eliminates the stress on the hiring manager knowing that the same process is being used consistently across the organization.

If you’ve never tried TalentSorter, we have made it easy to do that as well! Just click here to receive a special discount on a 30 day, one job trial package.

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