Bad for Business: How to Avoid Hiring a Toxic Employee

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No business ever sets out to hire the wrong employee, but it still happens for a variety of reasons. Unclear expectations, personality clashes, poor cultural fit, and a lack of suitable skills or training can lead to low staff satisfaction and high turnover. But what happens when a bad hire turns out to be truly toxic? Toxic behavior in the … Read More

Why You Should Treat Every Job Candidate as a C-Suite Candidate

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Resumes are still one of the most commonly used tools by HR departments to screen candidates for an entry- or mid-level position. However, this is practice is outdated and inefficient. More often than not, what’s written on a resume cannot accurately portray an individual’s knowledge and capabilities in a working environment. Perhaps that’s why recruiters never rely on a resume … Read More

10 Interview Questions to Ask Job Candidates About Leadership

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In choosing leaders to fill open management positions, many organizations are guilty of placing too much weight on a candidate’s pedigree: where did they go to school; what companies have they worked for, and in what roles; what projects or initiatives have they led; what skills and networks of relationships have they picked up along the way, etc. Those are … Read More

10 Interview Questions to Ensure Fit with Manager

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  This is another set of interview questions as part of our “hiring for fit” series. Check out previous posts including interview questions to ask to ensure fit with company, fit with job, as well as questions designed specifically when hiring sales managers. This week we focus our attention on interview questions you want to ask candidates to help ensure fit … Read More