Why Smart Employees Underperform: 7 Hazards to Avoid

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1. Inadequate capability Capability refers to the skills, tools, and experience that a person needs in order to successfully perform her job. When any of these factors are missing, there is an increased chance that the employee will underperform. It isn’t uncommon for hiring professionals to overlook these basic factors, especially if a candidate has solid academic credentials and comes … Read More

10 Interview Questions to Help Hire for Fit with the Job

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10 interview questions help hire fit with job

Every HR Professional and hiring manager have probably experienced a scenario where the candidate looks perfect on paper, and smashes the interviews. However, once hired, they fail to live up to expectations, and either languish as an unproductive employee, leave of their own accord, or are eventually let go. One of the main reasons for this falls back on the interviewing process itself. Failing to … Read More

Sales Management: Living and Dying by the Numbers

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There are two steps to boosting sales in any organization: get the right person in the right job, and then give them the coaching, incentives and support they best respond to. We often find ourselves working with our clients on the first step – matching the sales person to the requirements of the position, and ensuring their fit not only … Read More

Ever wondered what it REALLY takes to be successful at your company?

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We have all developed our own tricks for dealing with a stack of résumés. I’ve seen my share over the years, from the fanciful (Google-like screening questions along the lines of ‘How many golf balls would it take to fill Lake Ontario?’) to the absurd (one company owner who routinely picks up the top two-thirds of the stack and tosses … Read More