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Social networks are constantly growing, and so is the opportunity to use it as a recruitment tactic.

People currently registered on Facebook worldwide is around 1.44 billion, a 12 percent increase from the previous year. According to a 2013 Pew survey, 63 percent of Facebook social users check their account at least once a day, 57 percent for Instagram and 46 percent for Twitter users.

At the same time, more people are using these social media platforms to locate new employment. Most recruiters and HR managers are familiar with the social media platform LinkedIn. However, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram are viable tools for recruitment and job hunting.

Now and human resource managers are have to changing their hiring strategies and turn more to social media platforms.

In fact, organizations that have a diversified, integrated recruitment strategy have an 87% greater ability to hire the best people (Source).

Here are some interesting social media facts and stats about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; as well as best practices for using these social networks for recruitment.


Facebook has the advantage of being the largest social media platform, 156.5 million users in the U.S.

In 2014, according to a report by Jobvite, 76 percent of people who used social media to locate employment found a job through Facebook.

Recruiters need to understand people who are connected with one another will share job postings and opportunities.  As well, those on Facebook will often ask their network if “anyone knows somebody who does x, or has skill-set y“.

Ask current employees to share postings or put the word out on Facebook for any opportunities.  To encourage sharing, it might help to have a refer-a-friend reward policy or perk program in place.


A recent survey by SoftwareAdvice revealed 58 percent of those who responded had used Twitter in the past six months to research job possibilities. 76 percent of the respondents used Twitter to research a potential employer’s brand.

Twitter can be a great tool for hiring for a job.  For opportunities at your organizations, send tweets out with appropriate hashtags such as #jobs #careers, and use hashtags for the location, industry, and type of position.

As well, engage those who might be able help you promote your openings.  It could be Twitter accounts for job boards, local ads, but also any bloggers or influencers in your industry.


Instagram has approximately 75 million daily users. Globally, 13 percent of people using the internet use Instagram and 70 percent of them are on this platform once a day. It is is fast becoming popular among creative types as a way to promote their skills and abilities.

Instagram allows people to create image resumes, an advantage if your in a profession that requires more images than writing.

Recruiters can use this platform as well to fill creative positions; using a prospect’s postings as an informal portfolio.

Consider creating an Instagram account for your organization, and show people what it looks like to work for you, including photos of your offices, people, and any extra curriculars you do like team-building or charitable events.

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