Top 10 Benefits of Using Candidate Screening Software in Hiring Employees

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Business owners and managers in companies of all sizes don’t have time to waste when it comes to filling positions. You want the best talent for the job whether it’s a regional VP of sales or building custodian and there’s no better way to accomplish this than by using top-notch candidate screening software.

Here’s the top 10 benefits of using this kind of software to determine who will be the best fit for your company.

1. Save time sorting through resumes.

You’ll get inundated with job seekers regardless of the position, and sorting through resumes can take days.

2. Convenient dashboard for all communications and relevant documents.

Searching through email and files to find a candidate’s resume, application, cover letter, and other documents can create a time-consuming mess, candidate sorting software helps keep all communications and documents received from candidates in one convenient location.

3. Easy uploading to multiple job-search sites and social media so that candidates far and wide will know you are hiring.

Social media should not be underestimated in the hiring process.

4. Scientific and psychometric assessments to ensure only quality candidates make the cut.

Most resume screening software only looks for keywords: candidate screening software examines not just whether they can do the job, but how they will do it and apply their values, personal traits, and behaviours to their duties.

5. Customized interviews.

A staff accountant needs different interview questions than an administrative assistant to determine if they’re truly a good fit, and each company offers a different product or service so interviews are not one size fits all. As an added bonus, you or your hiring managers don’t need to spend time making up questions to ask.

6. Eliminate costly screening calls.

Taking notes on just one candidate can take up to two hours of your or your employees’ valuable time. A streamlined screening solution will make this process much easier.

7. Seamlessly integrate with in-house talent management solutions.

The days of cumbersome employee files and performance evaluations are over, and candidate screening software can be a gateway for improving your existing talent management.

8. Cut down on time sitting through interviews.

Candidate screening software sorts through the available talent ahead of time and ensuring they have the necessary experience and skills for the job, you won’t waste time interviewing unsuitable candidates and can shorten interviews with the best candidates.

9. Decrease turnover rates.

Candidates who have not just the right skills and experience but also the personal values, traits, and methods that gel with your company’s culture will be less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere than candidates who are skilled but simply go through the motions at your workplace.

10. Make more confident hiring decisions.

Interviews and resumes aren’t enough to really determine who is the best fit for your business. Using a scientific-based approach to screen candidates’ problem-solving and interpersonal skills, values, and traits will lend you more confidence to making the right hiring decisions.

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