Psychometric Testing and Assessments: the Super Heroes of Hiring

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HR professionals realize the importance of hiring the best person for a position. They also know it’s not easy.

Even if the applicant shows up with a flawless resume and breezes through the interview questions like a champ, he or she could still end up being, well, a big dud.

In fact, it’s estimated by Harvard Business Review that as many as 50% of resumes contain at least one not-quite-true item, and this trend is devaluing the relevance of the resume in the hiring process.

Hiring the wrong person costs a company big, from the amount they sink into training, to the cost to recruit and hire for the position yet again down the road.

The most interesting aspect of bad hires is they typically don’t fail because of lack of proper education or experience.

HR Executive Magazine states that 89% of hiring failures result from attitude and fit problems. Minimizing this issue should be a top priority.

That’s where psychometric testing and assessments , not unlike super heroes, save the day.

What Psychometric Testing & Assessments Can Do

Offer up specific algorithms of valuable metrics

Similar to x-Ray vision, psychometric testing and assessments look into a person’s internal opinions and behaviours, and help HR professionals quantify them.

Businesses are embracing the idea of such testing, with over 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States using them as part of their talent management acquisition.

And why shouldn’t they?

We employ algorithms for dating sites, search engines, and many other business evaluations based on data. It would be remiss to ignore their positive impact in hiring decisions.

Measure key components of the applicant’s appeal

The goals of psychometric and assessment testing is to give the employer insight into the person, and quantifiable predicting the likelihood of them being capable, productive employees.

There are three key questions that need to be answered to make an informed hiring decision:

1. Can they do the job?

Does the applicant have the education, the experience, and the skills to perform the activities and tasks the position requires? His or her application, resume, and interview will unearth the answer to this question.

2. How will they do they job?

This question addresses how well the candidate would perform in the position. Are their attitudes and opinions going to be able to mesh with the company culture, and other team members? This is where psychometric and assessment testing can begin offering significant insight.

3. Will they do the job?

Plenty of people look great on paper and could perform well, but they don’t. This mediocre or subpar result comes from their core values. Are they honest, or do they lie and think it’s okay to pilfer from their employer? Is their work ethic weak?

These questions are pertinent in the hiring process, and assessment tests pinpoint areas that are strong in an individual, and those less than impressive traits that should give hiring managers pause.

Function as part of a thorough hiring process

It’s crucial for HR managers to avoid chucking all other portions of the recruiting and hiring processes in favour for solely utilizing psychometric and assessment testing.

They are powerful tools that function greater when combined with other procedures that measure a job candidate’s fit, like the application, resume, interview, and background screening process.

These tests paint a clearer picture of the job seeker, and improve the odds of making the best talent management decision.  Think of them a part of the Justice League of hiring Super Heroes.

Used strategically, psychometric and assessment testing can be a big boon to business, vastly improve the quality of new hires, and decrease total hiring costs. Implement them along with other modes of recruiting and hiring tools, and they become a quantified, weighty portion of the hiring process, and one that shows significant positive results.

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