10 Interview Questions to Help Hire for Fit with the Job

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10 interview questions help hire fit with job

Every HR Professional and hiring manager have probably experienced a scenario where the candidate looks perfect on paper, and smashes the interviews.

However, once hired, they fail to live up to expectations, and either languish as an unproductive employee, leave of their own accord, or are eventually let go.

One of the main reasons for this falls back on the interviewing process itself. Failing to match a hire’s fit with company culture is a significant error that sets the new employee up for failure.

No matter the impressive degree, flawless resume, and smooth interview answers, if a person doesn’t mesh with other team members, believe in the company’s focus, or excel in the working environment, he or she won’t perform at the top of their game.

Unfortunately, this can cost a company big in terms of turnover, training resources, and repeated recruiting efforts.

Hiring for fit needs to be a priority for every company, and it begins with understanding your company culture.

Build some questions into the interviewing process that give insight into whether or not a candidate would fit.

Take these answers to heart along with their other qualifications when choosing your next employee.

10 interview questions that help hire for fit with job

Imagine you were in a job where you had the opportunity to do what you do best every day.  How would you be spending most of your time?

In those moments when you have felt happiest and most fulfilled in your work what were you doing?

What was your least favorite job? What did you not like about it?

What was the best job you’ve ever had? Why did you like it so much?

What parts of your past jobs have you found yourself most drawn to?  What initiatives have you found yourself volunteering for?

What parts of your job have been the ones you have typically procrastinated on, or which you avoided altogether if you could?

Which part of your current or most recent role do you enjoy the most?  Why?

Which part of your current role are you struggling with?  What does this tell you about your skills, knowledge or talents?  What have you done to manage around this?

What 3 things did you appreciate the most in your current and past jobs?

What 3 things made you most crazy in your current and past jobs?

Hiring a candidate who will be a successful, product part of your organization is challenging. By proactively designing the interviewing process, and including these ten questions, you will be better prepared to make a hiring decision that encompasses company culture, and fit. The result will be better suited employees who perform efficiently, cause fewer conflicts, and stay at your organization longer.
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