Are Your Employees Looking Forward to Going to Work on Monday?

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Well, are they?

Do you know?

I think it is a great question to ask employees reporting to you! It allows you to check on employee engagement more often, it’s easy to do, and it transforms disengagement into an opening for a constructive conversation.

This question is a useful tactic for fostering the environment of continual communication that is so vital for a high performance workplace. Although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend asking this specific question every week, I would recommend asking questions like this regularly. It gives you an opportunity to open a regular dialogue with your employees, which is essential to effective leadership.

Employee engagement isn’t just something you measure twice a year and forget about.

Here are a few more simple ways you can engage with your employees weekly:

  • Find an opportunity to provide recognition
  • Seek input from the team on ideas
  • Do something small to build your relationship with an employee
  • Seek one-on-one time with your direct reports to provide situational feedback
  • Tell one story that connects an employee action or decision to the company’s vision or values

Employees are more engaged when they feel they are recognized, their opinion is valued, and their boss respects them.

These types of ongoing employee engagement activities are best complemented by properly executed employee engagement surveys. The survey is where you’ll really be able to see if your efforts are having the desired effect.

Think of the survey as a census of all employees at a point in time, which yields actionable data and can provide critical direction for leaders. It works in conjunction with the daily, weekly, and monthly task of engaging employees – which is strengthened by encouraging a regular, open dialogue with questions like this one.

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