10 Interview Questions to Ensure Fit with Manager

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interview questions fit with manager


This is another set of interview questions as part of our “hiring for fit” series.

Check out previous posts including interview questions to ask to ensure fit with company, fit with job, as well as questions designed specifically when hiring sales managers.

This week we focus our attention on interview questions you want to ask candidates to help ensure fit with manager.

Keep in mind, these questions are fairly general, if you’re looking for specific questions tailored to your candidate, company, clients, and customers – signup for a free trial of TalentSorter.

10 interview questions that help hire for fit with manager

Think of the best supervisor or manager you’ve worked with. What characteristics made that person such a good manager, for you?

Think of the worst supervisor or manager you’ve worked with. What characteristics made that person such a poor manager, for you?

Think of the most productive relationships you have had with a manager or mentor.  What was it about these relationships that made them work so well for you?

What can a supervisor do to help you do a better job?

When a manager makes a decision that you think is inappropriate or unfair, what’s the best course of action?

When was the last time you took a risky stand at work for something you believed was right?  What was important to you in that situation?  Why did you take the position you did?

What makes a perfect manager/boss, for you?

What do you need from your next manager?

Think of the job where you felt the most productive and happy. What was it about your manager at the time, that made you so good?

Now think of the job where you were least happy and least productive. What was it about that manager that caused you to shut down?

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