10 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress & Create a More Productive Team

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Managing employees is multi-faceted, taking a person who can train, motivate, and, if necessary, correct employee behavior to empower their team to be efficient and effective.

One of the most challenging roadblocks to employee success is stress. In fact, a recent survey by Statista showed that 35% of the workforce loses at least 1 hour every day in productivity to stress.

It’s critical to an organization’s bottom line to help employees manage stress. The good news is that there are several ways to alleviate stress that take little effort and minimal financial investment. Let’s look at the top ten.

#1: Transparent communication. 

Employees don’t function well when they are worried about losing their jobs, or feel they don’t understand the path of the company. Leaders who take the time to talk about and explain the company’s key goals and plans can reduce this type of stress easily,

#2: Work flexibility.

Employees who know they are going to get frowned upon for a doctor’s appointment or coming in late because of a kid’s school play deal with a great deal of stress. Many companies have embraced a flexible work environment. Urban Airship, for example, offers the ability to work anywhere with unlimited vacation time.

Some of the ways to decrease stress at practically no cost to the company are…

#3: Meditation.

Mindfulness meditation promotes well-being, decreases stress, and improves focus. Companies from a variety of industries offer time each day for their employees to meditate. Apple’s employees have been encouraged to meditate during the workday for years.

#4: Breaks.

Toiling away for hours offers diminishing returns, leaving employees irritable and exhausted. Set breaks and make certain your team knows to take them. Even moving away from their desks for ten minutes can have a positive effect on stress levels.

#5: Music room. 

The LinkedIn headquarters offers their employees a room with high end musical instruments they can play. Your company could set up a place with several sets of headphones and comfy chairs for employees to “lose themselves” in some tunes.

#6: Invite 4-legged friends

One of the perks of working for Google is employees can bring their well-behaved canines to work with them. Employers with a team of dog lovers should think about implementing this into their corporate culture.

#7: Massage.

A neck massage works wonders for a person’s stress level and general well being. Give your team a break, relieve stiff neck muscles, and aid in relaxation by hiring a massage therapist for the office. This is especially helpful at high stress, deadline-focused periods of projects.

#8: Employ physical activity. 

Encourage walking groups, buy gym memberships, or bring in a yoga instructor one morning a week. Exercise is a great way to wipe out stress, lower blood pressure, and promote a healthier lifestyle.

#9: Bring nature into the office. 

Plants and sunshine have been proven to lift a person’s mood. Why not use this to your company’s advantage? Add leafy plants and hanging baskets throughout the workplace, and open the blinds and curtains to welcome sunshine in.

#10: “Escape” break rooms. 

From ping-pong tables, to video games, to a picnic table outside, it pays big to create a place employees can go for a few minutes to relax and reboot.

The workplace is often a stressful environment. By implementing some are all of these ideas, you can reduce your team’s stress and enjoy a happier, healthier, more productive team.

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