Five Simple rules for the use of assessments in Selecting Employees

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The candidate assessment marketplace is complex, with over 4500 products for you to choose from. While the vast assortment of candidate assessment tools and the claims made by vendors can be confusing, there are actually relatively few instruments that are valid for use in the process of screening people for jobs… Without getting too geeky about it, there are two … Read More

First Things First: Fit, then Engagement, then Results

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Hiring for Fit First

The Gallup Organization inadvertently kicked off a consulting Gold Rush back in the mid-1990’s when they set out to better understand what exactly it was that ‘Great Managers’ do differently than their peers. The research and their landmark findings are well documented in First, Break All The Rules (Marcus Buckingham, Curt Coffman); if you manage people now or ever intend … Read More

You Are Who You Hire (Part 2)

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Note: This blog was co-authored by Paul Pittman of The Human Well, and originally appears here. Read part one of this series here. Birds of a Feather: You attract what you tolerate Every manager wants to lead a high-performing, engaged team that shares a commitment to achieve superior outcomes but how many times in a career do they actually get … Read More