Hiring a Teller? Here’s Your Ideal Candidate According to Behavioral Science

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hiring a teller

This is another blog in a series about “ideal candidates“. We take a position, run it through TalentSorter’s scientific algorithm, and provide you with the behavioral characteristics of an “ideal candidate” (note: download the full report at the bottom of the post). Because of the way TalentSorter has been designed, it is able to compare the personality traits and other … Read More

Screening Job Candidates for Cultural Fit? Don’t Forget to Ask These 10 Questions

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screening job candidates

You’ve posted your job opening online, sorted through dozens of resumes and selected the applicants you’d like to interview. Now you just have to pick the one with the best combination of education, skills, and experience, right? Wrong. In all likelihood, you’ve already screened candidates for those factors based on their resumes. Why do the same thing twice? The interview … Read More