10 Lesser Known Places to Post Your Job Ad

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10 Lesser Known Places to Post Your Job Openings

Want to stand out when it comes to finding that ideal target employee? While using traditional websites like LinkedIn and Monster are acceptable ways of finding new talent for your company, sometimes stretching your job ads to more unique and specific areas can make a big difference in who receives them and who you attract. Consider these less-than-common areas for placing job ads.

#1: Your Social Media Accounts

Using your company’s social media accounts and perhaps an on-page application, you can quickly and easily find possible talent. These are likely people that already understand your company, the workplace, and the company’s mission.

#2: Craigslist

It’s not just about selling stuff. Craigslist is one o the most active boards available today. Though corporate positions may be limited here, you will find it is an ideal place for retail, service industry, accounting, and other customer service job ads.

#3: Nextdoor.com

A quick visit to this virtual neighborhood may be intimidating because of its numerous boards. However, Nextdoor.com allows people to communicate in their local area. It’s often the place people go looking for advice on who to hire, but it also is an excellent place to share excellent leads for new jobs.

#4: LinkedIn Communities

LinkedIn Communities are a bit more specific than just using LinkedIn’s basic application services. It allows you to create localized, specific job ads that target people who have specific skills in specific areas. Choose the right community and share what you are looking for in an employee.

#5: Local Trade Board Websites

Connecting through a local trade group or professional organization is an essential way to reach very specifically skilled employees. There’s also something to be said about reaching out to people who you know are dedicated to the industry. Find these through your local Chamber of Commerce.

#6: HireVeterans.com

Connecting with veterans is easier to do when you can utilize a website dedicated to helping these skilled professionals to find quality employment like on HireVeterans.com. It’s a feel good move, too. Vetjobs.com is another option.

#7: Industry Specific Job Boards

A good example is Truckerswanted.ca. This is a Canadian truckers associated website geared specifically to connecting trucking companies with highly skilled drivers.

#8: CollegeRecruiter.com

This site, CollegeRecuiter.com, is unique in that it targets college students and those just graduated. You can easily find young professionals ready to prove themselves here. Internships are also ideally posted here.

#9: CrunchBoard

The demand for qualified tech professionals has never been higher and CrunchBoard.com is perhaps the best way to reach them. These are people who read TechCrunch and CrunchGear on a regular basis and love the industry.

#10: Mashable

Mashable’s job board is an excellent location for finding marketers and mobile programmers, as well as many others in this industry. You’ll find it gets a great deal of regular traffic and good overall placement.

Any of these job sites and other tools can help your job ad to stand out. That’s even the case when you have a great deal of competition within your industry.
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