What does Recruitment Software do?

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Savvy employers recognize the importance of finding and hiring the best candidates. The big question is “how” to accomplish this along with the tons of other demands on the schedule.

The simple answer is with recruitment software (alternative term is “Applicant Tracking Software”, ATS). While software can seem confusing, recruitment software provides enormous benefits to hiring managers, recruiters, and businesses of all sizes. Used strategically, it functions as a valuable tool that pinpoints the best person to fill open positions. The addition of recruitment software to the hiring process elevates the quality of a company’s employee base.

Not sure what recruitment software really does, and how it can perform these feats? Let us convince you with six important facts.

Recruitment software:

Uncovers superior applicants

A perfectly qualified job seeker only ends up in your talent pool if they know you are hiring. Recruitment software offers the ability to widely share a link to open positions on social media, your website, and multiple job boards. Extensive exposure gives you the opportunity to choose from a much bigger applicant pool.

Tracks applicants

Keep updated on every applicant, their applications, interviews, as well as their location in the process in one easy-to-understand dashboard. By having a full audit trail, you will no longer suffer from shuffling through papers, losing resumes, or letting promising candidates slip through the cracks.

Assesses applicants

Unfortunately, the person who interviews with the nice suit, flawless resume, and spot-on answers may not be the “real” person. Recruitment software offers assessments that give you insight into a person’s true behaviors and values. This information is vital in choosing a new employee who performs the job well, and who fits into the company’s culture.

Contributes to a better interviewing process

Going far beyond bringing the best candidates to your door, recruitment software empowers hiring managers to dig out the “true” person, their experience, honesty, and attitudes toward work. Customer guides and powerful questions are available through the software system, so hiring managers, HR professionals, and others involved in the interviewing process are prepared.

Assists in reaching the best final decision

When it gets down to actually making an offer, it’s often difficult to know which candidate will be the best fit and make the biggest positive addition to your team. The chances of making the wrong choice are high, and the cost of a bad hire is steep. Software designed for recruiting can literally “score” each candidate, helping take the emotion out of the hiring decision. Factors such as their attitudes and personality as well as their education and experience build into a score that points you in the right direction.

Hiring the best employees in a timely manner is a major challenge for today’s businesses. The value of utilizing recruitment software is almost immeasurable. Companies are able to feel more confident they have reached the widest pool of candidates possible, seen the applicant’s true self, and made the best decision for the position and the company.

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